Kathleen Toups

Psychiatric Medication Appointment 

General Information:

Dr. Toups accepts a limited number of patients requiring consultation regarding psychiatric medication.


While her passion is working to resolve the root causes of illness and help people get off of psychiatric medications through a Functional Medicine approach, Dr. Toups understands that not all people are willing or able to undertake a comprehensive Functional approach, for a variety of reasons. Other people may be working with another Functional Practitioner and just need guidance with regard to Psychiatric medication.

Dr. Toups has more than 27 years of experience as a Psychopharmacologist, is a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association (the highest honor they bestow to only a few top practitioners), and has been the Principal Investigator on over 100 clinical trials with Psychiatric and other medications. She is uniquely experienced to assist patients with medication concerns, and is equally versed in Psychiatric medications and herbal/nutritional therapies, as well as stress reduction and mind-body techniques. Dr. Toups is happy to co-treat with a Psychotherapist for individuals currently in therapy, and has a variety of referrals for those in need of Psychotherapy or other Somatic Therapy modalities for additional support.


Dr. Toups is an out-of-network provider, and will provide an Insurance Superbill invoice at each visit that can be submitted for insurance reimbursement. Patients with PPO insurance are often reimbursed 50% or more of the charges after their deductible has been met, though we are unable to guarantee this due to the variability and unpredictability of health insurance plans. 

Dr. Toups is not contracted with Medicare, so unfortunately you will not be able to bill Medicare for her services. She is an Ordering & Referring Physician with Medicare, which means she is able to order laboratory tests on your behalf.

Appointment Costs:

  • Initial 75" Consultation $650

Additional follow-up visits or extended visits will be billed based on the amount of time involved:

  • 12 minute follow up $150
  • 25 minute follow up $300

  • 45 minute follow up $400

  • 60 minute follow up $500

  • 75 minute follow up $600


Requesting Appointments:

If you would like to request an appointment for a Psychiatric Medication evaluation, please fill out the following questionnaire – it will be sent directly to our office.

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