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Podcast 32 - The Inflammatory Tailspin of Brain Injury


Today’s amazing episode is jam-packed with priceless powerful fixes and clinical pearls for both patient and practitioner, coming from a newly found AiBI favorite! We have the pleasure of welcoming Dr. Kat Toups, MD, a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association (the highest honor bestowed by the APA), Board Certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, and previously boarded in Geriatric Psychiatry. She is VERY qualified to speak into neurodegeneration, brain injury, and brain disease.

The last thing we want is for a brain injury to become chronic neurodegeneration, and in this episode, we discuss how a large part of an effective TBI healing process is in resolving the underlying pre-existing factors. When left untreated or unaddressed, many of these underlying and pre-existing factors can wreak havoc on the brain.


Kat believes that if the brain isn’t working properly, we have to start by looking at what is going on with the body.  Looking under every rock as quickly as we can to avoid degeneration and further decline.  She also shares her touching and very personal story of “becoming demented” at the age of 51, recalling losing both her memory and her mind.  This further drives her passion to continue her research in both functional and neurofunctional medicine, with a compassion of understanding and warmth.


Today’s highlights include steps you can implement instantly, right now, today – to start feeling better ASAP!  Her approach uses a unifying balance including Diet, Stress, Hormones and new findings on the myriad BENEFITS of dietary cholesterol! You definitely don’t want to miss this masterpiece interview filled with knowledge and heart!

Review by Ken Bruce

Dr. Kat Toups of California USA is a trained psychiatrist, but discovered she could heal her patients more effectively as a functional MD. She starts with extensive testing to detect the root problems and provide a balanced treatment plan. You might want to listen to this interview a few times as Dr Toups packs in a lot of valuable information about various illnesses and how to deal with them.


Dr Toups covers so many conditions that she treats with LDN. Her explanations on how LDN affects our systems are clear and easy to understand. Her rational and methodical approach is refreshing. Wonderful review worth listening to!!

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